A Programming Pickle Overcome by Branching

While working on a feature that will be present in several of my projects, I noticed that finishing only part of the component is necessary but will leave other portions unfinished that will have to be continued later.

This leaves a few options: Simply code what is necessary for the project outside of the component, code the component until what is necessary and ‘branch’ it from the main component, or build the component entirely.

I feel that the branching method is best to have results for immediate use, while it can still be picked up on later when more features are needed. However, to do this, there will need to be more effort put into the planning stages for the component and its entirety.

The planning will need to be split up into 3 categories now: One for the preliminary functionality of the project, another for the long term functionality of the component that will be used in it, and finally, planning for what functionality is needed at the stage of development it is being used in the project.

This ‘branch’ of the component should reduce any errors of not having required pieces of it missing for the project, and not having to re-work from the point that it was left off at to branch.



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