Using ID’s instead of Digital Wallets?!

mclovin_id_01Digital wallets was a hot topic back when phones were exploding with new ways to transfer and communicate information between other devices we are around all the time. This includes our TV sets, computers, bluetooth car stereos, or even the cars themselves. But one thing that has not been exploding with popularity is digital wallets. Why is this?

Well money is a very important aspect of your data. Online banking and purchases need to be the most secure as possible in order for people to trust them. The fact is, is that data can be spoofed with false information. And if false informatin is given, someone else could make purchases in your name. This is very bad.

But when you think about the point of using a phone to manage payments, the point is to reduce time fumbling through giving information to the checkout and to keep less plastic with you that can get lost or stolen. So is there a solution?

Well one item that you probably need to always have on you is your Identification. This photo ID can be used to legally operate a vehicle, verify a credit card purchase, buy items with age requirements, or even go outside of the country. Yes, that information should be secure because the information is used by security at border control to review your private information, but maybe it could have a second source of information that is not as secure that can easily identify you as you?

Think about it: If you want to buy something from a shop. You may or may not need your ID. But if you could use your ID to create a “profile/account” with this store, it would be convenient to have the information digitally accessible right?

What if this process exists:

1) Touch card to the card reading sensor.

2) The teller will see your picture on-file to verify that it is, in fact, you. But they can also take a look at the card to make sure your picture matches as a secondary verification.

3) Put in a PIN number to verify large purchases. A PIN number would not be stored on the ID itself, so it cannot be spoofed.

4) Choose which bank you would like to use for your purchase.

Viola! You can now easily make an account with a store, and easily buy things from there in the future! Maybe combine this with facial recorgnition software, and you have the ultimate checkout system!

It solves the biometric problem of being inconsistent with fingerprints. It solves the problem of being able to spoof data. And it prevents a fat wallet full of cash and credit cards that you carry everywhere. Nice.

Now there just needs to be a centralized system for keeping your receipts… I throw most of them away anyway.



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