Professional developer’s look at Game Maker

I found this article that had a great look at Game Maker 8, and the issues that most of the veteran GM users also recognise: @


Now that Game Maker Studio is out, I guess you can see where the people at yoyo games were heading on improving their product.

Unfortunately, a point made that, in my opinion, had gotten worse in GM:S, is interface. It may just be me, but the IDE layout means a world of difference. If there is tedious work involved when working with the development tool, it bugs me enough to not want to use it as much. However, GM is still a great tool to use for game making. It just needs a face lift to look more professional, and with that also needs to reduce the number of exception errors there are in its interface as well. Reliability is key for a development tool, so I like to know that it looks a feels like one that can be trusted. It is meant to make a programmer’s life easier after all.

They are taking a good approach, but unfortunately it also alienated other users, in which case I would recommend them sticking to Game Maker 8 in the meantime. (I still think GM8.0 is their most reliable product yet.)

It will be interesting to see what they will come up with in this upcoming year. I haven’t been using the tool as often nowadays, but as I update my “old” software, we will see if I come back eventually.


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